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A sponsorship of $30 per month will make a difference for a child in need.

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Shakela is a smart and curious child. She is only 7 years old and lives with 8 other people at home. Her father has a psychological disease. He isn’t able to work and raise his family and even sometimes he cannot recognize his family members. Shakela's mother works as server for other families cleaning for only a very small amount of money. Every day She leaves her one-year-old child at home in order to earn money for the family. Shakela's grandmother also lives with them but she is unable to work, and can barely keep up with the five small grandchildren. The district where they live has electricity and water facilities, but since they live in an old factory, they cannot access these services. They walk a long way every day to bring water to their house. This family has four children who go school; they all need money to pay their education expenses and they need your help to stay in school.
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Musa is a nine-year-old boy from the city of Mazar-e-Sharif, province of Balkh in Afghanistan. He is a very smart and talented student currently studying in the first grade. When he was just an infant he lost his father due to a heart attack. Recently he also lost his mother who died trying to save another child who had fallen in a well. After this tragedy Musa’s older brother who is only fourteen years old has taken over the responsibility of taking care of his younger siblings, which means he had to quit school. Their younger sister was born with a disease that has caused a large polyp in her nostril and is in need of surgery as soon as possible. But these children don’t even have the means to provide for their day-to-day needs, let alone their educational or medical costs. Their rental house is old and lacks the necessary living equipment, and they’re unable to make rent. During most nights they all sit together and shell garbanzo beans to sell them and try to make a small amount to support each other. Regardless of the hardships they face, all these children are eager to continue their education.
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Ismael is a six-year-old boy from the city of Mazar-e-sharif, Balkh province of Afghanistan. He is a very smart boy currently studying in the first grade, although he is quiet and a little depressed. Three years ago his father passed away due to severe heart disease. After his death his mother was remarried and gave up the custody of Ismael and his little sister, who is three years old. Ismael currently lives with his older brothers, both of whom are married. His little sister lives with their maternal uncle. Ismael’s older brothers do not have a lot of income and barely make ends meet. Their paternal uncle is unable to help them because he is in a lot of debt from his brother’s medical bills. Ismael’s dad was in and out of hospitals for three years before he passed.  Ismael’s older brothers currently share a small mud-hut of a house far away from the city that is in a very bad condition with no equipment and lacks drinking water and electricity. Living in these conditions is very hard for a six-year-old boy who is just starting life. Ismael is in desperate need of your help. Your generosity will help this young boy continue his education and work towards a better future.
Qasem Ali
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Qasem Ali is thirteen-year-old boy from the city of Mazar-e-sharif, Blakh providence of Afghanistan. He is very smart and talented currently studying in the 8th grad. His father is very old and has been sick and in bed rest for about 5 years. Qasem Ali has two brothers, but they both have psychological and physical issues and suffer from malnutrition. Both his mother and sister sell walnuts and make a very small income, but it not nearly enough to provide for their family of six, and does not even meet their basic daily needs. They live in a very small house that was donated to them by a charity, but sadly the house is very old and some parts of it have collapsed. When it rains, the roof leaks into the room where they sleep. They barely have any household equipment and there is a lot of humidity because of the leakage. In the winter, none of them have proper clothes to keep themselves warm, and they can’t afford to get wood or coal to make a fire. Every house in the area has access to water and electricity services except their house. Qasem Ali’s mother hopes that her two sick children can one day go to school and become educated. This family is living in extreme poverty and is suffering greatly. Qasem Ali is in desperate need of your help.Your generosity can help this young boy continue his education so that he can work towards a better and brighter future.
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Hasibullah is a seven-year-old boy from the city of Mazar-e-sharif, Balkh province of Afghanistan. He is a very smart and talented boy currently studying in the first grade. To provide for his family his father was working as a bodyguard for a businessman, but unfortunately he was killed in an ambush about six months ago. Hasibullah and his family live in a very small rental home that is in a very bad condition. The roof is barely holding on and one of the walls has collapsed. They lack any basic living equipment, and his mother says that they were not even able to buy coal to warm their home in cold winter weather. A while ago, his father's boss was supporting them by giving them a small amount of money but it was temporary and has stopped. Hasibullah's mother sells walnuts and makes a very small income. His mother wants her children to continue their education so that maybe one day they can become important people in the society. But she is not even able to provide for the day-to-day needs of her children. She can barely feed her four children let alone provide for educational expenses. This family is suffering and Hasibullah needs your support. Your generosity will help him and his family to experience a better life and he can continue his education towards a better and brighter future.

Donate Now! Thalassemia is a blood disorder that affects the way the body makes hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells that is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. Many children in Afghanistan have become affected with this condition.

Please consider helping a child and his or her family suffering from this disorder receive greatly needed assistance. Your donation will help us train families of children with the disease to better manage their condition, arrange blood transfusions for sick children, and assist with their hospitalization.