• FACO is proud to be one of few organizations in Afghanistan working on gender equality and we are always open to new partnerships

• 44% of children in our programs are girls

• 56% of children in our programs are boys


Sponsorship Program for High Achieving Children
Currently 81 children in need are assisted through sponsorship to continue their education. Additionally, we provide consulting services for about 200 families to improve their children’s education and health.

Children with Thalassemia
Through this program, we train families of children with the blood disease Thalassemia, to better manage their condition. We also arrange blood transfusions for sick children and assist with their hospitalization.

Computer Training & Employment Preparation for Youth
In late 2010, grant funding was received to operate a school in the poor regions of Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan for youth ages 18-24. Next, a small office building was purchased for the school. We are pleased to announce that the school is up and running, and classes are now underway. Girls and boys are learning how to use computers, a valuable skill which greatly increases their opportunity for future success. This program especially focuses on empowering girls to obtain an education. The program is run by dedicated volunteers and social workers. The project runs for 11 months and 650 youth will graduate at the end of each year.

Educational Consultation Services
Currently about 200 impoverished families are learning to build their self-confidence and improve their ability to raise their children against all difficulties with emphasis on children’s education.

Parental Seminars
One day seminars for parents living in dire conditions to learn about the importance of children’s education as a means to fight poverty.

Educational & Historical Trips
Short trips for students in need who have made good grades to encourage them to continue their education and teach them more about Afghanistan.